About Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Stark and I’m on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. I hope that Ditching Hourly will help achieve this, one listener at a time.

Yes, I’d like to guest on your podcast!

I’ve recorded over 500 podcast episodes both as a guest and a host, and I can bring that experience to your show.

As a podcast host, I know how hard it is to produce a great podcast. I make the perfect guest. I use professional gear, I show up on time, and I’m full of great anecdotes about escaping the trap of trading time for money.

If you’d like to book me, email your pitch to me at jstark@jonathanstark.com and we’ll set up a date.

Short Bio

Jonathan Stark is a former software developer who is now on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. He is the author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, the host of Ditching Hourly, and writes a daily newsletter on pricing for independent professionals.

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