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Ryan Berman - Courage Is Your Competitive Advantage

Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Ryan Berman joined me on Ditching Hourly to talk about using courage as a competitive advantage.

Swizec Teller - The Employed Consultant

Software engineer, author, and educator Swizec Teller joined me to talk about consulting vs employment in Silicon Valley.

Philip Morgan - The Self-Made Expert

My good friend Philip Morgan interviewed me on The Self-Made Expert Podcast about what's been going on behind the scenes in my business for the past couple years.

Blair Enns - Productized Services

Blair Enns returned to Ditching Hourly to discuss the pros and cons of productized services.

Coaching Call with Architect Carl Maxey

Architect Carl Maxey joined me on Ditching Hourly to brainstorm how to use value pricing in his business.

Justin Jackson - Catching Bigger Waves

Transistor.fm co-founder Justin Jackson joined me on Ditching Hourly to talk about leveling up your "business game" by learning to spot bigger waves.

Coaching Call with Design Thinking Consultant Hannah Berson

Design Thinking Consultant Hannah Berson joined me on Ditching Hourly to figure out a way to align the financial incentives on a novel three-party deal.

Coaching Call with David Thorp

David Thorp joins me for a positioning discussion to figure out if he's a Filemaker developer or a Swift developer or a software architect or a business analyst or something else.

Coaching Call with Software Architect George Stocker

Software architect George Stocker joins me to get clarity on his ideal buyer.

Coaching Call with THE Mason Bayne

Musician Mason Bayne joined me for a coaching call to brainstorm where to find the most value in the music business.

Coaching Call with Health Coach Jihane Farrell

Health coach Jihane Farrell joined me to talk about how to price "quality of life" and other intangible and highly subjective client outcomes.

Coaching Call with Pilates Instructor Karrie Grinter

Karrie Grinter joins me for a coaching call to figure out how to double her pilates business before she retires.

Carl Richards - Making Stuff On Purpose

Carl Richards of Behavior Gap joins me to talk about why it makes sense for him to sell his new book for $10,000.

The Subjectivity Of Luxury

Nine Seconds

Dre Beltrami - No BS Branding

This week I'm joined by brand strategist and founder of The Solopreneur Society, Dre Beltrami. Dre talks - in no uncertain terms - about BS marketing tactics, the importance of giving a sh*t, and why the word 'authentic' makes her want to puke. If you're sick of people being fake online, check out this episode for a breath of fresh air. Dre might not be your cup of tea, but that's exactly the point.

Carol Williams - Productivity Cake

Productivity coach Carol Williams joins me to talk about how getting more stuff done is like baking a cake.

Hourly Billing vs Specialization

Shooting In The Dark

How to attract better clients

There are lots of ways to price

Take A Stand

Perfectionism vs Idealism

With hourly billing...

Are non-profits a good niche?

Coaching Call with Psychotherapist Bob Beverley

The funny and talented Bob Beverley joins me to brainstorm ways to create more leverage in his psychotherapy practice.

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