Alexander Lapa - The Non-Profit Salesforce Guy

Alexander Lapa - The Non-Profit Salesforce Guy

Alexander Lapa joined me on ditching Hourly for a tour-de-force journey through the paths available to tech folks operating with a post-hourly mentality.

Talking Points:
  • Setting fixed prices and sticking to them can result in profitable client relationships.
  • Specializing in a specific target market, such as nonprofits, improves marketing efforts and increases client trust.
  • Value-based pricing allows for more freedom and flexibility, including the ability to take vacations without compromising income. 
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Salesforce architect Alexander Lapa shares his journey of transitioning from hourly billing to fixed pricing in the nonprofit industry. 

He discusses the motivations behind the switch, the challenges faced, and the significant benefits experienced through value-based pricing. 

Lapa emphasizes the importance of scoping projects, creating template proposals for efficiency, and offering advisory and mentoring services tailored to each client's unique needs. 

The shift to fixed pricing improved client relationships, increased revenue, and provided more freedom and flexibility. 

Additionally, the transcript highlights the advantages of customizing the Salesforce platform for specific organizational requirements, de-risking the investment, and increasing ROI. 

Also explored are the processes, challenges, and benefits of building apps on the Salesforce platform, as well as the value of being on Salesforce's AppExchange. 

Lapa shares insights on patience and understanding when working with Salesforce and offers valuable advice for beginners in the field.


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Jonathan Stark
The Ditching Hourly Guy • Author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts • Former software developer on a mission to rid the world of hourly building
Alexander Lapa
I am a Salesforce Architect who partners with nonprofits to improve their fundraising and constituent management.