Denis Čahuk - Find Out What’s Valuable And Then Do Nothing Else

Denis Čahuk - Find Out What’s Valuable And Then Do Nothing Else

Tech trainer and coach Denis Čahuk joined me on Ditching Hourly to explain how he doubled his income by selling his value instead of selling his CV.

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Key Points
  • Productized services are key in creating an offer for clients rather than just presenting a list of skills.
  • The process of discovering an offer's outcome and connecting it with the needs of the client is crucial for productized services.
  • Embracing the value-based pricing approach helps clients see the benefits of paying for expertise rather than just services.
  • Self-publishing on Gum Road can attract tech leads, engineers, freelancers, and individuals in tech looking for a career.
  • Focus on the things that bring value and decide what not to do on a project
  • Overcoming self-inflicted limitations: Dennis holds tactical sessions to help teams break free from their own limitations and company culture.
  • Finding what's valuable and doing nothing else: eliminating waste is more important than improving current processes.
Best Quotes
  • 22:20 "That was super easy cuz by that point, I made like nine YouTube videos, which were about 30 hours of conversations."
  • 23:28 "It does seem to highlight those aspects of coding that make things easier to change and cheaper to maintain into the actual workflow."
  • 24:59 "Okay, this isn't about you, the developer. This is about your team and what your team might be going through."
  • 36:02 "It's like, okay, "how can we get fulfillment?" How can we get that kick-ass "hell yeah!" feeling for developers without forcing them to go vegan and do yoga."
  • 39:11 "And then rather than telling you, I also show you."
  • 43:16 "Just talk to the customer. Find out what's valuable and then do nothing else."
  • 49:32 "The overall message is "think bigger" and don't get hung up on wanting to grind on the disengagement of the employees."


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