JS on SuiteScript Stories with Tim Dietrich and Eric Grubaugh

Tim Dietrich and Eric Grubaugh invited me to join them on SuiteScript Stories to talk about the pros and cons of a platform specialization, the paradox of positioning, and, of course, the horrors of hourly billing.

Tim and Eric were kind enough to let me post the interview here on Ditching Hourly, but if you're a NetSuite developer, you should check out their podcast at https://suitescriptstories.com/ 

We discuss:
  • Jonathan's and Tim's shared history in the FileMaker Pro space
  • Jonathan's AHA moment when he realized hourly billing was killing his business
  • The misaligned financial incentives created by hourly billing
  • How specializing in a narrower target market amplifies your opportunities
  • The various forms of specialization: Vertical, Horizontal, Platform
  • The obstacles an agency faces when trying to specialize


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Jonathan Stark
Jonathan Stark
The Ditching Hourly Guy • Author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts • Former software developer on a mission to rid the world of hourly building
JS on SuiteScript Stories with Tim Dietrich and Eric Grubaugh
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