Michael Zipursky - Selling Consulting Into Large Organizations in 2023

Michael Zipursky - Selling Consulting Into Large Organizations in 2023

Guest Bio

Michael Zipursky – Michael has consulted for organizations and advised leaders throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East in over 30 industries, from service providers to billion-dollar multi-national corporations, including Panasonic, Dow Jones, Financial Times, Royal Bank and many others. 

Michael is an in-demand speaker and gives keynotes and workshops for the Certified Management Consultants Association, Canadian Internet Marketing Conference, Social Media Camp, and others. 

Michael’s work has appeared in MarketingProfs, Huffington Post, Financial Times, FOX Business, Maclean's, HR Executive, Business Edge, Marketing Magazine, and in several other media and publications. 

He is the author of 5 books, including: 
Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelZipursky and LinkedIn Michael Zipursky or learn more at his website: ConsultingSuccess.com

And here's the fees guide that Michael mentioned on the show:

What Consultants Really Charge In 2023


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