Mitch Kowalski - Helping Law Firms Ditch Hourly Billing

Legal operations advisor and law professor Mitch Kowalski joined me on Ditching Hourly to talk about innovation in the legal profession, including alternatives to hourly billing.

Talking Points
  • The history of hourly billing in the legal profession
  • Transparency in pricing (and why hourly billing isn't transparent at all)
  • The perverse incentives of hourly billing
  • Why billing hourly short changes you if you are good at what you do
  • The importance of breaking a big project into small chunks
  • Why lawyers remain in the “dark ages,” technologically speaking
  • The mental health effects of hourly billing
  • ”Working toward the price”
  • Price as an initial design constraint
  • Reverse engineering your costs to support your desired pricing
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Jonathan Stark
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Mitch Kowalski - Helping Law Firms Ditch Hourly Billing
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