Positioning Your Firm with guest Joel Pilger

Joel Pilger on positioning.

Joel Pilger on positioning.

Talking Points

  • The importance of outcome-based positioning
  • The democratization of tools (and the resulting commoditization of services)
  • How Rails damaged the business of web development
  • The types of value that creative firms can deliver (if they would just stop talking about their tools)
  • Why creative firms accidentally devalue themselves in their marketing
  • How jargon destroys client trust
  • Why it is a bad thing if your clients understand your jargon
  • The difference between building something nobody hates vs something someone loves
  • The difference between between appealing to peers vs appealing to buyers
  • Why SEO attracts price sensitive buyers
  • Why great positioning attracts better clients
  • Why niching down attracts more AND better leads
  • How the "addiction to cash" wrecks your sales efforts
  • Joel's AMAZING positioning hack (a vs the)
  • Joel's "Three P" positioning exercise (i.e., purpose, power, personality)

Joel's Bio

Joel Pilger helps great creatives run great creative companies. As a RevThinker, Joel has advised hundreds of creative firms based in 23 countries around the world. He is the host of the RevThinking Podcast as well as the host of regular QOHORT retreats and dinners for creative entrepreneurs in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

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Positioning Your Firm with guest Joel Pilger
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