Tim Burris - From Annual Salary to Hourly Billing to Fixed Pricing

Longtime software developer Tim Burris joined me on Ditching Hourly to talk about his transition from annual salary to hourly billing to fixed pricing and the positive effects the transition had on his day-to-day.

Pretty good AI summary:

In this episode, I had a fascinating conversation with Tim Burriss about his journey from being a software developer to running a product development department and eventually switching to custom software development with a focus on fixed pricing and value pricing.

We discussed his unique approach to finding clients, particularly through Upwork, and how focusing on delivering outcomes rather than tech jargon has resulted in successful projects and satisfied clients.

We also explored the transition from working part-time to going solo as a developer, using platforms like Upwork to find the right clients and maintain a steady income. Tim shared his experience with coaching retainers and mentoring junior developers as alternative sources of income during this transition.

Throughout the conversation, we touched on the importance of trust in client relationships, the advantages of working on a fixed-price basis, and the art of determining the value of a project. We also discussed the importance of managing client expectations and scope while working on fixed-price projects and how focusing on delivering outcomes can minimize the impact of scope creep.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to move away from hourly billing and embrace a more outcome-focused approach to their work. So if you're ready to ditch hourly and build trust-based working relationships with your clients, this episode is a must-listen!


(0:00:00) - Moving Away From Hourly Billing
(0:13:27) - Going Solo With Freelance Development
(0:18:29) - Outcome-Based Projects
(0:25:18) - Trust-Based Working Relationships
(0:33:39) - Software Development Pricing
(0:40:51) - Managing Risk on Projects

Tim's bio:

Tim has been developing software since the late 90's. After a decade of Department of Defense Research & Development followed by a decade split between non-profit and manufacturing, he set out on his own to provide custom software at a 100% guaranteed fixed price.

While his target audience ranges from those who need an Excel monolith replaced with a custom web solution to pulling information from physical sensors for a total shop floor overview, his specialty is simply helping people without all the tech jargon.

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Tim Burris - From Annual Salary to Hourly Billing to Fixed Pricing
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