Zach Stevens - Going from Zero to $36k MRR with a Product-Marketing-as-a-Service Subscription Business

Graphic designer, product marketer, and co-founder of Conversion Factory, Zach Stevens, joined me on Ditching Hourly to explain how he and his co-founders went from zero to more than $36k MRR in one month with a productized subscription business that helps SaaS teams turn traffic into revenue.

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Talking Points:

The fear of not being able to fulfill client expectations led to starting small with a hypothesis-driven approach.

Communication is primarily done through asynchronous channels like Notion and Loom, with some exceptions for in-person meetings.

Building rapport with clients and providing detailed explanations of deliverables enhances communication and feedback.

Centralizing communication efforts avoids the nightmare of having to navigate multiple platforms and channels.

Work-life harmony is about acknowledging that work and personal life will fluctuate in priority.

Quotable Quotes:

“Our conversion rate only had to be in the thousandths of a percentage point to be booked solid.”

“We only wanna take on five clients at one time to see how well we manage the workload.”

“More than half of our clients right now are on a higher strategy-based $9k/mo tier.”

“At the initial onset, it did feel like there was a lot going on, but then it kind of fizzled out, and things got a lot smoother.”

“We love using tools like Loom, anything that we can do to make it feel like we are in the room with them.”

“If you follow this model and it works, you’re going to have way more concurrent clients than you’re used to.”


Do you have questions about how to improve your business?

Things like:
  • Value pricing your work instead of billing for your time?
  • Positioning yourself as the go-to person in your space?
  • Productizing your services so you never have to have another awkward sales call or spend hours writing another custom proposal?
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Zach Stevens - Going from Zero to $36k MRR with a Product-Marketing-as-a-Service Subscription Business
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