Bryan Strawser - Breaking Seven Figures For The First Time

Bryghtpath CEO and Ditcherville lifetime resident Bryan Strawser joined me on Ditching Hourly to share the secrets behind his huge business wins in 2023.

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In this episode of Ditching Hourly, Jonathan Stark interviews Bryan Strausser of BrightPath about how positioning his consulting firm and using program evaluation "roadmaps" as a first engagement with clients has led to major growth and 7-figure revenue. They discuss Bryan's journey from generalist consultant to focused niche positioning, using content marketing and authority building to attract ideal clients, the roadmapping process to diagnose client needs before prescribing solutions, how to price and sell high-value services, and building ongoing managed services for recurring revenue. 


[00:00:00] Introduction 

[00:02:00] From generalist to focused positioning

[00:08:00] Attracting clients through content marketing 

[00:13:00] Client onboarding with program evaluation roadmaps

[00:21:00] Using the podcast to build authority 

[00:25:00] The importance of positioning

[00:28:00] Pricing and selling high-value services 

[00:36:00] The roadmapping sales process

[00:44:00] Writing effective proposals 

[00:51:00] Increasing profits through pricing 

[00:53:00] Growing through managed services

[00:56:00] Conclusion


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Jonathan Stark
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Bryan Strawser
Bryan Strawser
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Bryan Strawser - Breaking Seven Figures For The First Time
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