Corey Quinn - The Benefits of Selling to Anyone, Not Everyone

Corey Quinn joined me on Ditching Hourly to discuss his excellent new book, “Anyone, Not Everyone.” In it, Corey shares insights on deep specialization, selecting a target vertical market, and using gifts like cookies to transform outbound marketing. 

Corey's Links:

0:00 - Episode intro
0:17 - About Corey Quinn and his background 
1:30 - Corey's ideal client: agency founders doing $1-5M and looking to specialize
3:07 - Benefits of specializing in a vertical market vs. skillset
5:17 - How to define a vertical market
7:19 - Detecting traction in a potential vertical to specialize in
11:33 - Identifying a vertical market that's the right size (2,000-10,000 businesses)
15:25 - How specializing enables you to speak your target market's language 
17:35 - Creating a "point of view" to differentiate beyond just positioning
22:33 - Shifting from founder-led sales through deep specialization 
25:09 - Using gifting (like cookies) to transform outbound marketing
30:42 - Creating an ongoing gifting campaign, not just a one-time gift
32:21 - Reaching your target market in multiple channels beyond just gifting
37:46 - The multi-million dollar cookie budget that drove Scorpion's growth
41:17 - Adapting this approach for smaller shops through focus and consistency
45:01 - Advice for soloists: specialize, do thought leadership, focus on dream clients
48:54 - Consistently engaging with a target industry year after year to build trust
50:34 - Where to find Corey's book and other free resources


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Corey Quinn
I help agencies escape founder-led sales by becoming a vertical market specialist. Host of "Vertical Go-To-Market" podcast. Author of "Anyone, Not Everyone.”
Corey Quinn - The Benefits of Selling to Anyone, Not Everyone
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