Joe Pine on Pricing Experiences

Joe Pine talks about converting services into experiences and shares some thoughts on how to price them.

Long-time listeners may recall an interview that Rochelle and I did a little while back with Joe Pine on The Business of Authority. 

On TBOA, we talked a lot about how to elevate your business from selling services to selling experiences and ultimately to selling transformations (i.e., outcomes) but we didn’t get a chance to talk much about pricing these sorts of higher value offerings. 

So, Joe graciously agreed to join me on Ditching Hourly to talk about just that: 

More about Joe…

Co-author of The Experience Economy, Joseph Pine II is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike.

In 1999, Joe and his partner James H. Gilmore wrote the best-selling book The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage, which demonstrates how goods and services are no longer enough; what companies must offer today are experiences – memorable events that engage each customer in an inherently personal way.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of The Experience Economy and it is has been revised and has just be released with a new subtitle: “Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money.” You can order it here:

The Experience Economy, 20th Anniversary Edition

In true “experience” fashion, Joe and Jim are running a book re-launch celebration on Nov 13, 2019. If you’d like to be included, you can register here to participate in person or online:

Definitely check out Joe’s work. He’s the real deal.

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Joe Pine on Pricing Experiences
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