Sam Browne - Growing Your Audience on LinkedIn

Sam Browne, lifestyle entrepreneur and LinkedIn expert with more than 100k followers joined me on Ditching Hourly to share his insights on growing your audience on LinkedIn.

Sam’s Links:
  • Know what you want to be known for on LinkedIn and focus on educational content to build authority.
  • Map out a series of questions to answer in your content and use case studies and testimonials to showcase the value of your work.
  • Engage with comments on your own posts and on other people’s posts to build relationships and expand your network.
  • Frequency of posting is flexible, but consistency is key. Replying to comments on LinkedIn posts is important, especially for thoughtful and insightful comments.
  • Engaging with other creators’ posts can help expand your reach and build relationships.
  • Using carousels and images in posts can increase visibility and engagement.
  • Avoid including links in posts to maximize reach, but consider using them in comments to drive traffic and build relationships.
  • Engaging with comments can lead to valuable insights and growth opportunities.
Sound Bites
  • “Pick the thing that is going to be the most effective for you to monetize.”
  • “Case studies are a great way to show the value of working with you.”
  • “Post with whatever frequency is comfortable for you, ideally no less than once a week.”
  • “I always try and repay people who take the time to comment on my posts.”
  • “You don’t need that many people who are showing up and enjoying your posts every time you post to create real momentum on LinkedIn.”
  • “A post can take on a new life like six hours later, eight, eight, 10 hours later.”
  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 07:29 Setting Up Your Profile for Success
  • 24:00 Showcasing the Value of Your Work
  • 28:13 Engaging with Comments and Frequency of Posting
  • 30:34 Engaging with Other Creators’ Posts for Reach and Relationships
  • 36:28 Using Carousels and Images to Increase Visibility
  • 45:29 Maximizing Reach by Avoiding Links in Posts
  • 48:34 Driving Engagement and Building Relationships through Comments


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Sam Browne - Growing Your Audience on LinkedIn
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