Geraldine Carter

Geraldine Carter

Business coach for CPAs | Skier | In love with life.

Appears in 3 Episodes

Why Niching Down Isn't Boring with Geraldine Carter

Geraldine Carter and I swapped interviews about why niching down doesn't lead to boredom.  Geraldine's Links:Geraldine's websiteGeraldine's newsletterGeraldine's podcast

Geraldine Carter - Finding Your Niche: Tackling Objections and Getting Traction

Longtime friend-of-the-show and “three-peat” guest Geraldine Carter returns to go deep on the trials, tribulations, and benefits of niching down on a target market.Tal...

Geraldine Carter - The Forensic Bounty Hunter

Business coach Geraldine Carter joined me to brainstorm how her CPA clients could price three different phases of a forensic accounting engagement.

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