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Specialization in life and business

Plenty of Fish

Expensive Problems are 3D

What exactly is commoditization?

Starting From Zero

Beware The Should

Coaching Call with Destin Hood - From Professional Baseball to Digital Marketing

Former professional baseball player Destin Hood joins me for a coaching call to brainstorm positioning for his new digital marketing business.

Dan Cuprill - Systems Create Profit

Financial planner and business coach, Dan Cuprill joined me On Ditching Hourly to talk about how service providers can increase profits by creating systems and experimenting with new pricing models.

Alex Hillman - Tiny MBA

Alex Hillman of Indy Hall and Stacking The Bricks joins me to talk about his new book The Tiny MBA.

Wes Bos - Building a Training Business

Software course legend Wes Bos joins me to talk about how he created his training business.

Edward Nevraumont - Programmatic Advertising for Boutique Service Businesses

Speaker, executive consultant, and author of "Marketing BS" Edward Nevraumont joins me to talk about how programmatic advertising (e.g., Facebook ads) can be used to grow a boutique service business.

Jimmy Rose - Validating Your SaaS Idea

Jimmy Rose of Content Snare joins me to talk about how to validate the idea for a SaaS product and position it with the target market as a solution to a painful problem.

The New Boss

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

How To Prove You're Good At What You Do

You Have To Change Something

You can't make things better without changing something, and changing something requires a leap of faith.

Selling A Feeling

Geraldine Carter - The Forensic Bounty Hunter

Business coach Geraldine Carter joined me to brainstorm how her CPA clients could price three different phases of a forensic accounting engagement.

Projects vs Retainers

A More Useful Definition Of Strategy

Can I Value Price X?

Good News And Bad News

Becoming A Rockstar


What is provenance and why is it so valuable?

What if no one listens?

What if you launch a podcast and no one listens? Don't worry about it.

Punishing Excellence

It's Not That Simple

When a problem is complex, a reasonable approach is to do research. When a problem is simple, research is procrastination.

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