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Perfectionism vs Idealism

With hourly billing...

Are non-profits a good niche?

Coaching Call with Psychotherapist Bob Beverley

The funny and talented Bob Beverley joins me to brainstorm ways to create more leverage in his psychotherapy practice.

Thomas Smale - What To Do Before Building A SaaS

FE International founder and CEO Thomas Smale joins me to talk about what to do before building (or buying) a SaaS.

Kyle Miller - From Zero To Life-Changing SaaS Exit

Full stack engineer Kyle Miller explains how he bootstrapped a SaaS and sold it for a life-changing amount of money a few years later.

Ant Pugh - What's the difference between niching and specialization?

Learning consultant Ant Pugh joins me to talk about the difference between niching and specialization.

Coaching Call with educator Kristina Jareno

Coaching Call with educator Kristina Jareno

Digby Leigh - Frank Fees for Law Firms

Lawyer Digby Leigh joins me to share his experience converting his 30 person law firm from hourly billing to up front pricing.

Blair Enns - What Is Strategy?

The lovely and talented Blair Enns joins me to explore the question: WHAT IS STRATEGY?

Philip Morgan - Specialization Is Never Boring

Specialization guru Philip Morgan joins me to talk about when to niche down and what to do about the fear of doing so.

Joel Pilger - Fostering a Community of Clients

RevThink honcho Joel Pilger joins me to talk about how and why to consider fostering a community of clients.

Emily Omier - Finding Clients On LinkedIn

Positioning consultant Emily Omier shares her secrets for finding clients on LinkedIn without being an annoying spammer.

John Warrillow - The Art of Selling Your Business

Best selling author John Warrillow joins me to talk about what to do when you want to sell a SaaS.

Tripp Lanier - Getting Dangerous

Author, podcaster, and coach Tripp Lanier joins me to talk about how to feel more strong, free, and alive.

Erik Dietrich - 3 Steps To Improving Your Search Rankings

Erik Dietrich shares the secret sauce he uses at Hit Subscribe to improve search engine rankings for their clients.

Jim McDannald - Laser Focused Positioning FTW

Jim McDannald joins me to talk about the life changing magic of niching down.

What is a product ladder?

Knowers vs Doers

Art vs Design

Specialization in life and business

Plenty of Fish

Expensive Problems are 3D

What exactly is commoditization?

Starting From Zero

Beware The Should

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