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The New Boss

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

How To Prove You're Good At What You Do

You Have To Change Something

You can't make things better without changing something, and changing something requires a leap of faith.

Selling A Feeling

Geraldine Carter - The Forensic Bounty Hunter

Business coach Geraldine Carter joined me to brainstorm how her CPA clients could price three different phases of a forensic accounting engagement.

Projects vs Retainers

A More Useful Definition Of Strategy

Can I Value Price X?

Good News And Bad News

Becoming A Rockstar


What is provenance and why is it so valuable?

What if no one listens?

What if you launch a podcast and no one listens? Don't worry about it.

Punishing Excellence

It's Not That Simple

When a problem is complex, a reasonable approach is to do research. When a problem is simple, research is procrastination.

Scope Last

How and why to flip the script in sales interviews.

(Re)positioning Yourself: A Crash Course

Audio of a positioning talk I presented to PhillyFreelance.com members.

Humane Selling (TBOA#65)

Cross post from The Business of Authority

Should You Build A Course? (TBOA#67)

Cross post from The Business of Authority

Tack on a zero and try again

Fixed prices aren't inherently dangerous, but setting your prices too low is.

Relationships Rule The World (TBOA#69)

Cross post from The Business of Authority

How To Tell People What You Do

Audio from my positioning crash course webinar

How To Switch Your Niche (TBOA#73)

Cross post from The Business of Authority

Will Bachman on The Benefits of Community for Independent Consultants

Will Bachman, McKinsey alum and co-founder of Umbrex, joins me to talk about the benefits of finding a community of peers as an independent consultant.

Coaching Call with Landscape Architect Daniel Robey

Daniel Robey joins me for coaching on how to move his landscape architecture business away from hourly billing.

Coaching Call with Web Developer Tim Abell

Erik Dietrich on The Hourly Monkey Wrench

Erik Dietrich shares how he went from solo software consultant to productized service business owner.

@2020 Ditching Hourly